Achievement Highlights

* Major Hoople’s Boarding House grew from The Shan-de-leers
* Began their extremely successful touring career in their home area in 1968

Major Hoople's Boarding House

There are some bands who hit it big and then disappear. Then there are the bands who stand the test of time and maintain a loyal following. Major Hoople’s Boarding House falls into both of those categories.

Major Hoople’s Boarding House grew from The Shan-de-leers, a trio from Galt Collegiate Institute formed by Rocky Howell, Peter Padalino and Rick Riddell.

Not too long after forming, the three added vocalist and bassist David Lodge to their ranks, then, in 1967, they received permission from comic strip creator Gene Ahern to adapt the name of his strip for their new band name – they appropriated “Our Boarding House / Major Hoople” and became Major Hoople’s Boarding House.

One short year later, Gail Selkirk (who Peter Padalino calls “the little girl with the big voice”) joined the band on keyboard. This solidified the original 5 band members. Shortly thereafter, they began their extremely successful touring career in their home area – the Kitchener to Kingston circuit. Soon after, they were signed to Polydor records.

1975-1976 marked a busy period for the band. This is when Major Hoople’s Boarding House released its most popular and obviously timeless song, “I’m Running After You” which is still played on many stations today!

By the 1980s, Rocky Howell was leading the band. They released a new album, New Adventures of Hooples, which made the Top 10 on the Canadian Adult Contemporary charts. They continued to tour, playing all types of shows, including some with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, and David Lodge even rejoined the group for a 1985-1986 tour before passing away suddenly at the end of 1986.

Over 40 years after the band first came together, its fans still scoop up tickets for shows as soon as they’re available. This is immediately apparent with a performance scheduled with three of the original Major Hooples Boarding House who will be performing for two nights, at The Registry Theatre in Kitchener in November of this year!

Catch up with original Major Hooples members Peter, Rocky and Gail on facebook.